What People Are Saying

"Dylan Barnes is one of the most talented actors and musicians I have met over the last 10 years. In my role as Managing Director at the Osceola Center for the Arts, I worked with hundreds of actors, artists and musicians over the years, and Dylan was a stand-out from day one. He is a gifted drummer and has performed in many concerts and shows on the Center stage. He is an essential member of the band, and the other band members look up to him. His abilities as an actor have created wonderful memories for anyone who has had the chance to see him perform in a show. He starred as our leading man many times, as well as in supporting roles, and always worked hard to develop his character. His positive and professional attitude are appreciated and he helped raise the performance level of the shows that we produced over the last several years. I always enjoy watching Dylan on-stage and look forward to seeing him perform for many years to come."

-Arin Thrower
former Managing Director, Osceola Center for the Arts

"Dylan is a solid go-to drummer and performer for any situation. His preparation and follow through are completely professional. I would take Dylan on the road me anytime. He is great at long term creative prep or last minute fill in situations."

-Rocky Barra
Talent Acquisition Influencer